VMworld 2019

VMworld 2019 has come and gone! This was the third time I visited Barcelona, and my first time with RedLogic. Three times means I’m officially a VMworld Alumni (yay)! As always, it’s as exhilarating as it is exhausting, but above all it’s extremely rewarding. I’d like to share with you my experience of the week as a whole, rather than make one post for each day.

My monday was consumed by the VMware CTAB, so I had to miss out on some of the Parter Sessions (and a workshop unfortunately). But it was totally worth it! Read about it in my previous post.


My entire week was all about NSX-T. Later this month I’ll be attending an NSX Livefire class, but I haven’t had that much experience with this version of NSX. The V version I can manage with my eyes closed, but the newer, younger brother is a whole different thing altogether. What better place to get all the ins and outs than VMworld?

I started the week with a simple class: “Network Virtualization and NSX-T – A Technical Overview” [CNET1582BE]. A bit too much about what network virtualization itself is, rather than focussing solely on NSX-T, but a great primer to start off with.

The next class was on Wednesday: “Logical Routing in NSX-T” [CNET1069BE]. Amit Aneja showed us some great slides with really in-depth technical details about routing in NSX-T. A lot of it was similar to how it is in V, and just about the same amount is completely different. Just when I thought my mind couldn’t be blown much more…

…along comes Nimish Desai. Each year this absolute genius manages to snag 2 back-to-back sessions at the end of VMworld. “Next-Generation Reference Design with NSX-T: Part 1 & 2” [CNET2061BE & CNET2068BE] are basically mandatory sessions for everyone who has plans to do anything with NSX. At a break neck pace Nimish explains almost all the possible permutations of how to deploy NSX-T. What is supported, what isn’t, and most importantly, what is recommended. Way too much information to manage in 2 sessions (and more than Nimish can present, he has the amazing habit of going way over his allotted time), but it’s all written down in the guide. I’m very much looking forward to get my mind blown again next year!

Me, a VMworld presenter?

On Tuesday I had something really exciting planned: my very own VMworld session! “VMware Cloud Foundation Implementation Stories, Planning, Dos and Don’ts” [TAM1529E]. I had the honor to share my experience of designing and deploying a VCF installation, together with the customer, for some TAM customers. I learned a lot, and I’ll be sure to share that knowledge in a later blog post! It was an amazing experience to attend VMworld not just as an attendee, but to also be a part of it. I really hope I’ll be able to get my very own (actual) session in the next few years.

My co-presenter and me!
My co-presenter and me!

All in all, a great VMworld once again. New experiences, new knowledge, new people! Thank you VMware for hosting such a great event, thank you RedLogic for allowing me to go to Barcelona. I had a blast and am so excited for the coming year.

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